that’s why they call her the trauma queen | Jasmine Lomax


Alcoholic Anonymous’ Thirteen-Step Guide on How Your Addiction Destroyed Her Life:
{for best results, follow the curve of the theory. trace it to the bottom of its backbone so you can find how best to hollow out her spine.}

i. get a young woman. be her father. tell her she’s your sun. your stars. tell her she’s going to make the world over, build bridges where they’ve never reached.

ii. now, take a drink. start when she’s young, so she’s used to tasting bitterness pouring from your inebriated throat.

iii. curl your fingertips through her hair and think of depths, but say she’s shallow. frown at every grade that dips below the horizon of your expectations. she must, after all, be nothing like you, yet kept in your same trap.

iv. keep her up at night with your problems. no, not like that. slur your words. /frighten her/. you’re a…

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