5 Poems | Šejla Srna



i feel like i am fading away
everything irritates me
the sound of my space bar at 2 am
is my worst enemy right now
and the fact that this isn’t a poem
but i’m still making it look like one
is making me sick to my fucking stomach
i just drank a can of gingerale
and that’s not making my day any better either
because now i have heartburn
and i feel bloated on top of the fact
that for the past 8 months i’ve felt
like the ugliest and fattest person alive
while at the same time i have been convincing myself
that beauty is not what is deemed acceptable
by society, or whatever
no matter how many times i say it to other people
i’m never going to hear it
i don’t want to go to work tomorrow
even if it’s just 5 hours of being…

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